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Join Us in Building Healthy Homes in Munduk

Healthy homes play a crucial role in families, as adequate living conditions are able to support both mothers and their children in regards to their health and development. Due to the significance of a growing child or pregnant mother's physical environment, Habitat for Humanity's role in the area of housing poverty becomes a critical one.

The need for decent homes equipped with proper water and sanitation systems in the village of Munduk, Northern Bali is substantial, and the fulfillment of this need will be able to support the health of mothers throughout pregnancy as well as infants in their first five years of life, leading the local community towards the achievement of increased stability and improved health.

Since 2008, Habitat for Humanity Indonesia - Bali (HFH-Id Bali) has served 394 families through our programs (Save and Build, Water Project, and so forth). The ongoing reconstruction project, which began in March 2012, has been closely monitored by HFH-Id Bali, with a hope to assist low-income families in the construction of appropriate and safe housing in Munduk. Since the program's initiation, more than 20 new homes have been built on property owned by mem­bers of the Tamblingan community, who have worked alongside Habitat for Humanity Indonesia in the building of new homes. Construction efforts will continue as more homes plan on being built for the 80 families who are still in need of adequate housing, sanitation, and clean water. more information ...